Peeling The Onion

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time around devices that have internet access. Useful? Quite. I for one have taken note of the pull on my attention while I am engaged in my research to quickly tab out of my OneNote program and into the ever accessible distractions, usually Twitter in my case. You may have experienced the same pull and it may or may not be tabbing out, it could be even a quick glance at your phone. There are multitudes of attention drains out there but what exactly happens when we fall for these dopamine hits?

By doing this we are training ourselves to hit our own personal escape key when our brain begins to feel the tension. We become addicted to novelty in the form of short heavy hitter headlines and funny images. This translates to a huge decrease in our ability to concentrate. Take a moment to consider the power of concentration. Individuals with a sophisticated ability to concentrate can move mountains in terms of creating valuable work.

If we take care of our ability to concentrate it will strengthen, like a bodybuilder takes to a weight set, training ourselves to build the mental fortitude required to stay focused works quite the same. Consider setting time limits on social media access and unfiltered internet usage. Even if you’ve nothing to do in the mean time just experience what life would be like without the constant barrage of information and emotion released by internet surfing. At first you may find it to be quite hard.

Over time it gets easier. You may find that you fill this access time spending quality time with your children, pets, or significant other. We have always been the architects of our lives and if you set out on this exercise, as an experiment or to build better habits, it will be a perfect time to try new things or to stick the crowbar into those extra hours for some new leverage on life. We’ve got but one and the clock is ticking. Are we living up to the idea of ourselves we’d like to embody?

I wish for you sincere fulfillment, success, and health.

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