How Many People

The United States alone spent over five hundred and sixty three billion dollars on advertising last year in 2019. While I’m not even sure I could spend that much in five lifetimes, the national collective has spent it in just one year reaching out to audiences likely across the globe. Just about everywhere you look in a modern city you’ll find advertisement. Its quite ridiculous sometimes just how bombarded your eyeball can become, yes just one.

So how many people do you have to reach to make a difference? Go ahead and take a second before going further to write the number down on a post-it note. Did you catch that advertising? Now lets consider what we’ve taken into consideration when it came to touching base with others. The number you wrote down may just be correct depending on what kind of a difference you had in mind and that’s great. That idea is uniquely you and I encourage you to express it and this is why.

Imagine if today someone knocked on your door and left a URL on a post-it note for you, there it is again, on that note it had no description simply the URL. Since you’re the fearless type when it comes to malware you decide to follow the link. You begin to read what appears on the screen and it hooks you right off the bat. Hours later, one protein shake, and a couple snacks to boot you’ve realized its night time and you’re off to bed.

Lets say that was the first step toward the rest of your life. What you found on that page will change the entire path of your life because you chose to interact, you chose to reach out to it and it spoke to you in a way you’ve not experienced before. If you hadn’t followed the link you’d have never known and that’s okay too, ignorance is bliss. The point to be made here is that someone, somewhere did something. They probably didn’t spend five hundred and sixty three billion dollars on advertising but they hit their mark. They changed your life and it took only one.

Go out there and make it happen. I wish for you health, success, and happiness.

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