The Weight Of Who Is Responsible

Take your finger and point it at something, anything. How easy was that? Fairly simple. Now reverse your finger and point it back at yourself. Did you feel the tension in the bend of your wrist as your finger was moved in your direction? It is easy to blame others, we feel little to no resistance in doing so. Is it that little bit of tension in the wrist that keeps us from taking responsibility? It’s something worth mulling over.

The tension in the wrist is probably easier to explain than the tension between assuming responsibility and not. That one is a little more complicated but I believe that when we take responsibility for something either in our lives or elsewhere it implies that there is something to be done. In a world full of demands on our time the last thing we wish for is another weight in our backpack of responsibilities.

By transferring the weight to another we assume no ownership of the weight and therefore we feel lighter, we may even grant ourselves a bout of superiority by bestowing such weight unto others. Little do we know the weight gives no quarter to our assumptions of it, if it belongs to us it is already there in our backpack. By attempting to push off the reality at every reminder of its existence we actually add our own emotional baggage and end up more distressed in the long run.

It is up to us to own up to the things that aren’t so bright. The sooner we accept that these things are our own, the sooner we can rise up to the occasion of change. I wish for you reader a mind full of peace and goodwill. Take care!

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