A Real Experience

Awhile back I was on a fairly long walk. The road stretched twelve miles long, it was one I have frequented as it was a road I lived alongside for a period of time. The journey by car would have taken me a smooth fifteen minutes under most conditions but a walk routed me a hardy three hours. After years of living in the area you’d believe that you’re fairly familiar with it all.

On this walk I realized how drawn in people are by fast living, it is all around us. It’s extremely convenient to drive to and from where we must go, its no doubt essentially a requirement in most areas today. What do we whizz by every day that we take for granted? Maybe the ripples atop a small ponds surface, full of life just below. Possibly a tree with a nest thatched out for a family of birds to grow. We miss the smells of life, those offered to us by the trees and even by the blades of grass. I also unfortunately noticed how in being caught by the zip-line of life some may forget that what they toss from their windows still exists as a crumpled mass on the side of the road, a time old tale I imagine.

I write to make mention of this experience today in an attempt to move you toward grounding yourself in a place you may not have before. A place in which you feel is familiar but one that is not quite so. This could be taking a walk through the park you pass every day, uncovering the real experience hidden away, taking your time to observe it for what it is as it is up close.

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